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    Crop Cover
    Crop circles often reference sacred geometry, which contains the measure of man, of nature and of the universe, expressed in harmonic proportions.
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    Global Feast cover
    Rising like the neon obelisks of Blade Runner against the council blocks of one of London’s most poverty-stricken areas.
  • forgotten war cover
    He became less a figure of fear and more a subject of curiosity and mocking.
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    A poem about urban nature cliches, by Tom Chivers.
  • Sideshow
    Before disguising or modifying the face became de rigeur for big name personalities, artists were finding alternative ways of wrapping their heads around the world, or the world around their heads. These masks, designed to siphon nature into the face, expand the face to envelop nature, or simply dissolve it completely, throw holistic ideas of ‘the self’ into disarray.Marcus Coates
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    Raucous laughter’s the last thing you’d expect at an event called “Executing Justice”
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    BECKETT cover
    Alys Moody takes a break from her PhD to spend even more time with Samuel Beckett.
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    It shocks me to hear him describe our walk as a long distance. He’s only a few years older than me and his legs are so long.
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    An ex-Soviet icebreaker was recommissioned to circumnavigate the world in twenty-four hours at 88.7 degrees latitude, the heart of the arctic sea.
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    “The sleep of reason begets monsters” depicts the artist with his head resting on a table, his drawing tools scattered around him, while owls, bats and goblins swarm up ahead.
  • understudy cover
    You sit around, part-bored, part-terrified, guiltily hoping for disaster to come along.
  • law cover
    These hunched-over suits, broken and staring into monitors: these were not the brave advocates I had read about: they did not threaten governments and neck whiskey; they wrote letters about estate tax and sucked at their gums.