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  • Horsey Island, Essex, March 2013, Wild Culture, © Jason Orton
    T. S. Eliot said poetry of the past evolves as new generations of readers consume it. Looking around, how is the landscape—and our perceptions of it—shifting with time? By Ken Worpole and Jason...
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    The farm began with 500 tiny tilapia fry and a few mint and basil plants in Toole’s 14th floor apartment, before moving to a converted parking garage.
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    There's a rare kind of wondrous absurdity which flows through each story.
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    Pondering the slow, lingering death of the pop-up.
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    How can basic media technology save one billion people with no charity, no foreign aid, no politics and no government?
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    Rosalind cover
    Tom Jeffreys talks to contemporary artist Rosalind Davis about social housing, the 2011 riots and painting London's architecture.
  • Rhododendron cover
    Rarely is a creature found around the plant or on its surface. Even honey made from the pollen is a mild poison.
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    Crackling with the fury of the righteous: Steve Radlauer's e-pamphlet Townie Planet fizzes with humour and outrage, but is not without its problems.
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    He connects the stadium directly to the concentration camp and sees the “athletes” for what they are: desperate, half-starved creatures staggering around the track in striped prison garb.
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    Waste cover
    Forget "dirt is matter out of place", what about, “dirt is matter out of time”?
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    Poetics of the Motorway
    Book review: utopian visions of a bright, sleek permafuture, and the road to postmodernism.
  • Building the Universe cover2
    “What if we wanted to create a virtual copy of the universe? That sounds crazy, but it’s our job. This is one of the holy grails in science.”
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    Dark Mountain
    “Beyond the gates, out into the wilderness, is where we are headed. We shall make the pilgrimage to the poet’s Dark Mountain"