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    One could liken the death penalty juror to the experiment subjects of Stanley Milgram, who famously shed light on the capacity of ordinary people to commit heinous crimes.
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    Depersonalisation, mimicry and seeing faces in the sky.
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    A brief history of numbers by sociologist William Davies.
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    Inspecting their curves and cracks, not permitted even the touch of another life form.
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    These furry shaggy things tap into people’s inner daemons. Maybe that's why Kanye West is such a big fan.
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    Chickpeas area often eaten for breakfast in Burma. They’re also used to make soothing soups like this one
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    The look on her face was more sentimental and less doctor-like at this point. She removed the specula from my vagina and closed my legs.
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    Crop Cover
    Crop circles often reference sacred geometry, which contains the measure of man, of nature and of the universe, expressed in harmonic proportions.
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    Global Feast cover
    Rising like the neon obelisks of Blade Runner against the council blocks of one of London’s most poverty-stricken areas.
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    He became less a figure of fear and more a subject of curiosity and mocking.
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    A poem about urban nature cliches, by Tom Chivers.