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  • Big military jet, journal of wild culture, ©2018 1572
    Almost unnoticed, Trump is reversing 25 years of nuclear weapons reductions and taking us back to Strangelove. By Barry Stevens.
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    He connects the stadium directly to the concentration camp and sees the “athletes” for what they are: desperate, half-starved creatures staggering around the track in striped prison garb.
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    Waste cover
    Forget "dirt is matter out of place", what about, “dirt is matter out of time”?
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    Poetics of the Motorway
    Book review: utopian visions of a bright, sleek permafuture, and the road to postmodernism.
  • Building the Universe cover2
    “What if we wanted to create a virtual copy of the universe? That sounds crazy, but it’s our job. This is one of the holy grails in science.”
  • Sideshow
    Dark Mountain
    “Beyond the gates, out into the wilderness, is where we are headed. We shall make the pilgrimage to the poet’s Dark Mountain"
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    Circus Symposium image
    Views of the Brute Creation in Performance: a symposium with Dr Marius Kwint.
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    Singularity cover
    At some point in the future, advancements in technology will change civilisation to such an extent that humanity as we know it will cease to exist.
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    The Heist [2]_Tessa Farmer HP
    LONDON: The big question when bringing art outside the gallery is what to do with the signposts. Tom Jeffreys reads the signs at two very different patches of London greenery.
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    TV 3
    A short anecdote about (not) stealing a television.
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    Wellcome Death test
    LONDON: Two simultaneous exhibitions examine our attitude towards death. Tom Jeffreys compares them.
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    Poppy cover NEW
    LONDON: Tom Jeffreys speaks to funeral director Poppy Mardall about reshaping our attitudes towards death.
  • Sideshow
    M Newth cover
    Contemporary art and the ‘heritage’ environment: across the UK, in stately homes and village halls, fields, buses and immaculate lawns.