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    “Glaciers are fast-moving tonnes of ice, but you can model them like honey.”
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    Steven  Morgana cover 4
    Artist Steven Morgana on the indistinct relationship between progress and decay.
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    The Spirit Bear1180
    Back in October last year we held a Wild Culture Jamboree. We made a call out for creative responses to the question "What does wild culture mean to you?". Whether illustrations, videos, photographs or written pieces, we received some wonderful submissions and we'd like to thank everyone who took part. From Feral Theatre's brilliantly histrionic "Funeral For Lost Speices", to a hauntingly atmospheric "Hunt for the Scottish Monster", we enjoyed all of the entries in their glorious diversity.
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    Merlyn skua 1180
    In Volume I of his new series, Merlyn Driver introduces us to the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland.
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    Depersonalisation, mimicry and seeing faces in the sky.
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    A brief history of numbers by sociologist William Davies.
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    Bonsai cover
    Inspecting their curves and cracks, not permitted even the touch of another life form.
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    exotic cover
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    Kylie cover
    The look on her face was more sentimental and less doctor-like at this point. She removed the specula from my vagina and closed my legs.
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    Crop Cover
    Crop circles often reference sacred geometry, which contains the measure of man, of nature and of the universe, expressed in harmonic proportions.
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    Global Feast cover
    Rising like the neon obelisks of Blade Runner against the council blocks of one of London’s most poverty-stricken areas.
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    He became less a figure of fear and more a subject of curiosity and mocking.