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    Wellcome Death test
    LONDON: Two simultaneous exhibitions examine our attitude towards death. Tom Jeffreys compares them.
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    Poppy cover NEW
    LONDON: Tom Jeffreys speaks to funeral director Poppy Mardall about reshaping our attitudes towards death.
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    M Newth cover
    Contemporary art and the ‘heritage’ environment: across the UK, in stately homes and village halls, fields, buses and immaculate lawns.
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    Foglia cover
    Lucas Foglia talks about his latest series of photographs - depicting isolated communities across the south-eastern states of America.
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    1_Kelly Richardson_Leviathan_NGCA_hr_Photo by Colin Davison
    Tom Jeffreys reviews a trio of exhibitions by Kelly Richardson, on show simultaneously in the North East of England.
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    Superhuman 2
    LONDON: An exploration of the very human desire to transcend the human. Tom Jeffreys reports from the Wellcome Collection.
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    Bacchus HP
    Some thoughts on English wines, their German origins, and the relationship between institution and meaning.
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    Field Work 1180
    Fair-weather stags, hares, lambs and does.
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    "Those who actually want to be ahead of the curve are going to have to be visionary."
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    outsider art cover
    What is the difference really between artists from an art institution and those from a psychiatric one?