The Last Weir

The Last Weir

The end of Nova Scotia’s last Bay of Fundy herring weir means a loss not just of livelihood, but of soul. “My feeling sinks,” wrote the poet Rilke, “like standing on fishes.” Filmmaker and long-time JWC contributor Tim Wilson records the final days of work.

TIM WILSON is a producer, host, and director in radio, television, film and new media who makes documentaries. He has interviewed, collaborated with or produced profiles of some of the most notable figures of our time. A former host on National Public Radio, and of CBC’s Arts Report, Tim is a contributor to that network’s flagship documentary series, Ideas. His 2008 feature documentary Griefwalker, produced by The National Film Board of Canada, can also be viewed free online. See Tim's site.

'The Last Weir' was featured on the opening night of the recent London Labour Film Festival and features music by Sanctuary Trio.

It first appeared in The Journal of Wild Culture on October 14, 2015.

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