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    HandH 1180
    SENSORY REVIEW: Synaesthetic writer Megan Orpwood-Russell responds to the music of Hahn and Hauschka.
  • Sex cover 2 orange
    The Summit Riots: the last of three extracts from Sarah Sheard's new novel.
  • Sex cover 2 green
    The Ward’s Island Ferry: the second of three extracts from Sarah Sheard's new novel.
  • Sex cover 2
    The Ward’s Island Ramparts: the first of three extracts from Sarah Sheard's new novel.
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    Pestival 1180
    This spring sees the return of Pestival – the brilliant festival of insect-related occurrences – and this time, they’re taking over the Wellcome Collection. Across a month-long season of games, installations, debates, discussions and dinners, visitors will be encouraged to reconsider humanity’s relationship with the insect world.
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    GWCt cover
    New pan-European research project aims to detail the economic benefits of nature.
  • Merlyn 7
    Merlyn Driver describes the seasonal arrival of Mormon missionaries on the Orkney Islands of Scotland.
  • bacteria-bugs
    TED pulls talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake from their YouTube channel.
  • systems 1180 3
    LONDON: Tom Jeffreys examines the potential problems of art-science collaboration.
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    globe hp-1
    The strange passion of modern sea-settlers.
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    Materials 1180
    LONDON: The new home of the justly celebrated Materials Library opens to the public this weekend.
  • Walbrook 1880
    LONDON: Cape Farewell’s poet-in-residence Tom Chivers leads a collective dérive along the buried river Walbrook.