Gynoid on a Moor

Gynoid on a Moor
Published: Jul 22, 2013
Grouse and gynoids: tech-survival audio-poetry by narrow-boat-dwelling community poet and wild landscape explorer, Mark Goodwin.


you can insert
into your mind a printed
text version of 'Gynoid
on a Moor' by going
to this un-place.

'Bleaklow' is a high gritstone moorland in the Derbyshire Peak District, and holds the remains of a USAF Boeing RB-29A Superfortress.

Mark Goodwin was born in 1969, spent his childhood on a farm in Leicestershire, and now lives on a narrow-boat on the river Soar, just north of Leicester.

He has published a number of poetry collections, including Else, Back of a Vast and Layers of Un published by Shearsman Books; Distance a Sudden an audio CD recorded from West Penwith to the West Highlands and released by Longbarrow Press; and the award-winning Shod, an odd version of The Gospel, based around a Shoe Messiah, published by Nine Arches Press.

Poetry: Mark Goodwin; human male vocals: Mark Goodwin; gynoid vocals: various online text-to-speech apps (getting the hard 'g', was a puzzle!); red grouse recording: RSPB; audio production: Mark Goodwin

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