'Keep it in the ground' Letters Go to the Top

'Keep it in the ground' Letters Go to the Top
Published: May 01, 2015
Alan Rusbridger, departing editor of the Guardian newspaper, woke up one morning in late 2014 with an idea for what he needed to do in his last six months on the job. His idea was "The Biggest Story in the World": climate change and what we need to do about it. The 'story' has become a significant campaign borne of a major commitment from Rusbridger and his team. Here's one of the pieces they've produced. After you've seen it, please give some thought to this question: "What might you do in your life that would contribute something, however small, to this campaign?"

Illustration by Anthony Gormley.


Read Alan Rusbridger's explanation of his reasoning on the Guardian's 'Keeping It In the Ground' approach.



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