Rough Sex Allegations re: Jian Ghomeshi

Rough Sex Allegations re: Jian Ghomeshi
Published: Nov 03, 2014
For those who read James Cullingham's article "Rough Sex Scandal' but had little or no background on the story, and were therefore not aware of the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, we include this summary.

One of the two women who came forward regarding the Jian Ghomeshi stories that first appeared in The Toronto Star, Lucy DeCoutere, said that in 2002 she and Ghomeshi began making out and then she alleges he pushed her against the wall, choked her with his hands around her neck and then slapped her three times. See CBC interview.

Reva Seth, a blogger with The Huffington Post, also came forward in an article in that publication. She writes that she and Ghomeshi never discussed anything related to BDSM and had “only casually fooled around — a bit of kissing.” However, on one such evening, which “started out fine,” she writes, after they had a drink and smoked some marijuana, Ghomeshi’s behaviour suddenly changed. “Suddenly, it was like he became a different person,” she writes. “He was super angry, almost frenzied and disassociated. “Jian had his hands around my throat, had pulled down my pants and was aggressively and violently digitally penetrating me with his fingers,” Seth recounts. “When it was over, I got up and it was clear I was really angry. My sexual interactions until then had always been consensual, enjoyable and fun. “He gave me some weird lines about how he couldn’t tell if I was actually attracted to him or not,” she writes about what happened afterwards. “And somehow this was meant to explain his behaviour.” Seth says she called a cab and left right away, and Ghomeshi walked her to the door “like it was all totally normal.”

From seven other women who are not named, reports were published in The Toronto Star which included some of the follwing: that they were slapped and punched in the side of the head, were grabbed by the hair, grabbed around the neck and choked, received verbal abuse and told in the workplace: “I want to hate-f--- you.”

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