Pawel Bajew's Wild Nature

Pawel Bajew's Wild Nature
Published: May 06, 2017
Like many Eastern European artists whose brutal experiences under political oppressors forged a bleakly eloquent sense of the human comedy, 34 year-old Polish photographer Pawel Bajew’s view through a lens darkly is almost always accompanied by a smirk. Unschooled through the usual channels of photographic training, Bajew's intuitive talent began to emerge when he traded in his smart phone for a camera. Now he's busy assembling a unified body of work that magnetizes elegance in the weird, and vice versa. What follows is our selection of Pawel's work — including several self-portraits — that navigates the edge of wild and culture.
















More of Pawel Bajew's work, and his contact information, can be viewed here and here


This article was first published in The Journal of Wild Culture on December 9, 2014.



WHITNEY SMITH is the editor of The Journal of Wild Culture and a retired fiddlehead executive.



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