Introducing schools to the future

Introducing schools to the future
Published: Sep 28, 2013
Education as we have come to experience is a system structured around 19th century models and needs, heavily influenced by the industrial revolution. Many have argued that this system is no longer relevant to the demands and aspirations of modern-day society; others have made claims that it is even detrimental. A few organisations have set out to redefine the weary standardised view within the education system today. • One of those organisations, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, works closely with individuals within school systems in the US and around the world. Jamie Cloud, lifelong global educator and founder of The Cloud Institute, wants schools to become ‘learning organisations’ which place children in the centre of a curriculum that encourages, inspires and empowers them to think about the wider systems of ecology, economy and ethics. • In these video talks Jamie outlines the origins and importance of the Institute’s work, and how it is now time to relent our old fashion notions of education: to allow the fertile, vibrant, and bright minds of tomorrow to experience a school system that will help to nurture and cultivate their potential. • If you have a story like this one please let us know. The domino effect of a few of these can make the difference that Jaimie Cloud is talking about. — Matthew Small, Education Editor


Understanding sustainability education...


Gauging success ...


Sifting the simple and the complex


The seed of inspiration


Starting with the fish game


What doesn't work and how to fix it


What students must learn


 Examples of success


Being in place






WHITNEY SMITH is the Publisher/Editor of The Journal of Wild Culture and a composer, musician, bandleader, music teacher and clinician.

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