Looking in and out to Sea

Looking in and out to Sea
Published: Jan 18, 2015
We are intrigued by the sea, its untameable force, beauty, the pleasure we derive from it — and everything else that might be touched upon through poetry. We want to publish some poems about the sea, new ones and classics, in two separate batches — and depending on response, this project might become a series. They can be short as haiku or shorter, and long as what your poem is. We can also do our best with specific formatting, within the bounds of HTML. To see what kind of poetry we publish, click on the Prose, Poetry & Poetics link above. Please send your pieces to journal [AT] wildculture.com. Looking forward to receiving something from you or someone you know. We'll select what we like and publish in the coming weeks. All the best, Whitney Smith. P.S.: Thanks to Amy Liptrot (@amy_may) for her motivating question on Twitter — "What are your favourite poems about the sea?"

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